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Bayadistan in the Hamadan region - Azerbaijan

Bayadistan in the Hamadan region - Azerbaijan

بياتستان در ناحيه همدان آذربايجان

Dr. Christiane Bulut

Dr. Christiane Bulut was involved of April 1997 to dec. 2000 as a scientific woman employee (I/O 50 %) in the project. At present she occupies a c1 place at the seminar for Orientcustomer. It will argue further with project-relevant topics and in particular its investigations to the transition dialects, also including the diachronen perspective, will resume.

While the previous project phase has it itself mainly with the investigation of the dialects in the western part of the target area and the transition area (Southeast anatolien, Iraq and border areas in Iran) employs. It gathered extensive field research data in this area and sighted the well-known literature, with which it acts to a large extent over in Turkey published collections of folkloristischer materials.

Dr. Christiane Bulut has over very good active knowledge of the languages and dialects spoken in the area and contacts of many years to informants. In different publications it was occupied with Turkish Varietaeten with Iranian/Kurdish Sub and Adstrat and similar contact contacts also in a historical perspective treated. Their Habilitations projekt treats a collection of rezenter texts from Bayadistan in the Hamadan region. The Bayat trunks, whose language and folklore were so far not examined scientifically, probably belong to the south oghusischen group of dialects. The materials are examined therefore once under arealtypologischen aspects, on the other hand in the comparison with the historical texts bes. from the area Isfahan.

(3) the third group of the materials originates itself from the west Iranian border area, before all of the Turkish language island Sonqor, a town in Kurdish environment north of Kermanschah, and from Bayadistan in the following Hamadan region. In Bayadistan in numerous villages photographs with representatives of different groups of speakers were taken.
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